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The old fantasy FPS magics are unleashed, as Wizordum arrives in Early Access

After seeing a brief delay, Apogee and developer Emberheart Games’ throwback fantasy title Wizordum has emerged for the PC.

It was a time of first-person spellcasting…

Of course we’re referencing the 90s, and the golden age of FPS’ with that subheading, as Wizordum is most definitely a throwback to that era of Heretic. A genre (or sub-genre, if you prefer) that’s basically dried up in the decades since, the fantasy FPS makes what looks to be a glorious comeback with Emberheart Games’ new title.

While this new fantasy adventure eschews the darker look of those aforementioned classics, packing a more cartoony vibe, it also seems to have the flavor in-tact. And if you played the demo during Next Fest, then you already know it’s tough to argue with the end result.

A great Wizard’s thirst for lost knowledge leads him to the forbidden depths of Terrabruma, breaking the ancient seal of a cosmic prison. The ever-corrupting Chaos is now unleashed, corrupting all life in its path. As one of the last surviving mages of Wizordum, search for the source of corruption across the realm rife with danger and vanquish evil in this fast-paced, ‘90s-inspired FPS. 

Apogee press release

Containing eight levels of melee and magical combat, Wizordum is is out now in Early Access via Steam. And while the game’s sure to grow as it makes its way towards an eventual full retail release, those who already have experience with it can expect some fresh elements, even in this initial arrival. Apogee says fans can look for plenty of “never-before-seen weapons, abilities, and much more.”

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