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Dragon’s Dogma 2 dated for March ’24, gets fresh trailer and details

Capcom showcased quite a bit at yesterday’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 event, including a new trailer, a release date, and lots of details.

Fantasy, as you like it

While it isn’t coming for a while, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 is looking pretty darn impressive. Yesterday’s much deeper look at the aRPG sequel revealed a detailed high-fantasy world, loaded with action and stunning visuals. Of course along with that fresh peek at the game, came a March 22nd, 2024 release date.

But that wasn’t all the new info for fans, as we also got a look at fantasy creatures both large (very large) and small, and a bit about how ‘player choice’ will factor into the game. While we’ve seen that gimmick before in a multitude of games, DD2’s version of the mechanic focuses on what players will put into actually building their “Pawns”.

There’s what sounds like a pretty deep character creation engine at play, and the series of “vocations” got even more expansive, with the newly revealed Trickster. Essentially a character class that you’ll have to unlock, Trickster lets players conjure illusions (remind you of anyone?) and enhance the abilities of party-members.

Scroll on to check out the trailer, and read through all the new details Capcom shared. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is schedule to arrive for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and pre-orders are open right now.

Adventure in Two Nations
In Dragon’s Dogma 2, players experience the tale of the Arisen, a champion whose heart is stolen by the Dragon. While the sequel’s setting mirrors the lush rolling hills of the cult classic Dragon’s Dogma™ and its Dark Arisen expansion, this original adventure takes place in a parallel world containing two nations with distinct approaches to the Dragon threat. Queen Regent Disa has installed a false Arisen to maintain control of the kingdom of Vermund for her son. Meanwhile, the beastren nation of Battahl considers the otherworldly Pawns to be a source of misfortune and have turned to worship of the Lambent Flame and their empress Nadinia to ward off calamity. The showcase provided a look at some of the destinations that quests can lead players to, such as the reclusive elven enclave of Sacred Arbor. The elves there communicate in their own language, and Pawns capable of understanding their speech will translate for the Arisen while in your party. Pawns can also specialize in other skills, making each of their personalities more distinct.
A Journey Defined by Choice
Upon starting their journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players will be able to craft both their Arisen and Main Pawn using an intuitive and deep character creator that makes use of photogrammetry to enhance the realism of each characters’ appearance. Additionally, players can choose the personality of their main Pawn, which will determine their behavior and conversation choices throughout the game. As players progress, they will unlock additional vocations such as the newly revealed Trickster. This Arisen-exclusive vocation can conjure illusions through the smoke created by its unique weapon, the Censer. Tricksters can use illusions to deceive enemies into fighting against their own, and can temporarily increase the power of Pawns beyond their limits. The new Trickster vocation showcases the ways players can manipulate and take advantage of the enhanced enemy AI to open entirely new combat opportunities.
The digital event also provided a first look at the returning Warrior and Sorcerer Vocations that will be available to both the Arisen and Pawns. The Warrior boasts a robust physique specializing in direct combat, with the strength to endure enemy attacks. Warriors are masters of two-handed weapons such as the greatsword and the hammer. The Sorcerer is a vocation completely specialized in various magick attacks. Their magick is conjured with both hands through a large staff and can change the tide of battle at any given opportunity.
Confront Fearsome Foes
Director Itsuno and Producer Hirabayashi provided a first look at several monsters during the digital event, including the new Talos enemy, a towering bronze golem capable of wreaking untold destruction with a single step. After Talos rises from the waters, players will need to make use of the various tools afforded them by their Vocation, Pawns, and terrain to subdue this mighty construct. The digital event also revealed gameplay for the Dullahan and Drake enemies. Dullahan is a headless specter capable of immobilizing its target before striking with its powerful curved blade. Drakes are fearsome draconic foes capable of breathing a potent flame when confronted and taking flight to shift the scales of combat.

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