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Variant cover for Ultimate Spider-Man showcases Ultimate Universe’s first-couple

Marvel is making a point of letting readers know that the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man could be a book to watch.

They’re back

It’s pretty common knowledge by now, that one of the biggest issues that longtime Spidey fans have with the proper Marvel Universe title is what’s been happening with Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship. And that’s to say that it’s been completely eliminated.

Not only did the infamous One More Day arc phase out the longstanding marriage, but the pair have somehow been even further split in the years since. It’s been a weird slow-motion stumble from the publisher, as most fans seemingly want the more traditional Spidery dynamic back.

So maybe that’s why, as a part of the reboot of the “Ultimate” Marvel Universe, Ultimate Spider-Man will reintroduce Peter and MJ as a married couple. This is an older Pete, who’s become Spider-Man as an adult who’s already married and has a pair of kids too.

And diving right into that theme is Marvel, now announcing a variant cover from artist J. Scott Campbell.

Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell

Honoring the vision of the original Ultimate Universe, Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe spinning out of Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch’s recent Ultimate Invasion series will captivate new and longtime readers with bold storytelling choices and extraordinary fresh takes on iconic characters! Hickman and Marco Checchetto lead the way into this new era with their radical transformation of Peter Parker’s super hero journey in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1. Hitting stands on January 10, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 will spin a new web for Peter, presenting him as an older, wiser super hero who balances his great power and responsibility with being a loyal husband to Mary Jane and a loving father to their two kids. It’s a new Spidey for a new generation and the introduction of the Parker family promises to make it the most surprising Spidey story of the 21st century!

To celebrate this new chapter of the Spider-Man mythos, legendary Spider-Man artist J. Scott Campbell has turned out a gorgeous variant cover for issue one! Also available as a virgin variant cover, the best-selling artist’s latest piece captures Peter and MJ’s romance in his iconic style!

Marvel Comics press release

The above will be on the stands day one, with a virgin edition, and a standard cover from Marco Checchetto. Look for ’em all on launch day, when Ultimate Spider-Man #1 lands this January the 10th, 2024.

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