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Not one, but two web-heads set to co-star in the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Men

Two Spidey’s in one book? That’s the gist of Spectacular Spider-Men, the upcoming ongoing from Gargoyles’ creator Greg Weisman.

Double your fun

Is it us, or is it still a little weird that there are two characters called Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe? Eh, whatever the case, and no matter what you think of the young superhero’s ID, he’s a mainstay at this point, and Marvel is about to run with the theme of dual Spideys.

Dubbed Spectacular Spider-Men, a new series hitting stands just after the Holidays will boast not only two heroes, but also some hefty Spidey-related creative power. The book will kick-off with the team of Spectacular Spider-Man (and we mean the cartoon show) writer and Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman, and the modern age webbed-staple, artist Humberto Ramos.

In their first team-up adventure, Peter and Miles will be tackling an old foe of the older Spidey, The Jackal. From the sound of things too, it’ll also be as much of a buddy-cop story as it’s a superhero title, as Marvel says the Spider-Men will “swap intelligence and tips, combine their strength against threats, and learn from each other’s differences in age and experience”.

“I’m so thrilled to be writing Spidey again, and the fact that I get to write both Spideys, together, makes the gig doubly sweet,” Weisman shared. “It’s fun for me, because in this book, I see the younger Miles trying really hard to show his maturity to his mentor Peter, while the older Pete feels free to let out his inner 16-year-old with Miles. So there’s a bit of role reversal to the normal mentor-protege relationship than one might expect to see. But I think both Pete and Miles still feel very true to character. And when things get serious, so do our boys (quippage notwithstanding.)  What we’re seeing here is the evolution from mentor and protegee to them simply being good friends. And that change of status (in process, as it is) really interests me as a writer. Oh, and Humberto’s art is so damn gorgeous.”

“From a very young age, my goal was to draw Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, and now that it has become a recurring reality in my life, I enjoy every occasion in which I am called to do so, or as I like to say ‘come back home,’ and I could not ask for a better way to do that than alongside Greg Weisman who gave us the greatest Spider-Man TV series!” Ramos said. “Not only that, but in this book I not only have the joy of drawing not one but two Spider-Mans. Drawing Peter’s adventures was exciting enough, I can only imagine how it will be drawing both Peter and Miles’ adventures! I love my job!”

Marvel Comics press release

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 is web-swinging onto stands on January 17th, 2024.

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