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Manage your crew, and try to make it home in the new trailer for WWI strategy title Last Train Home

The war is over… or is it? Getting home might be a fight unto itself in Last Train Home. The new trailer sheds more light on gameplay.

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World War I isn’t typically a setting for games, as it’s usually WWII that gets all the play. So when you see a title that’s based in that First World War, it’s kind of automatically interesting. And when it has as interesting of a hook as Last Train Home does, well that’s even better.

From THQ Nordic and Ashborne Games, Last Train Home stars a Czechoslovak Legionn who’s on the way home after the closing days of fighting. Thing is, even though the war is over, that doesn’t mean that safety is assured. Actually, as chaos erupts in post-War Eastern Europe, traveling anywhere for any reason is far from a sure thing.

A mix of live-action and gameplay, the latest look at the RTS reveals a peek at what it’ll take to get this one last job done, and bring the troops home safe.

Commanding your brothers and sisters of the Czechoslovak Legion is not only about leading them through combat or plotting your train’s course. Ensuring they have sustenance and shelter is just the beginning. It’s also about preserving their mental well-being and kindling the flame of hope. Hope that they’ll eventually return home and weather the hardships ahead. In this challenging journey, you’ll face tough decisions where distinguishing between right and wrong won’t be straightforward.

THQ Nordic press release

Catch the last ride out, and into even more trouble when Last Train Home arrives on the PC later this month, on November 28th, 2023.

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