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It’s almost Modern Warfare III time, and Activision is talking Operation Deadbolt

The very first “Modern Warfare” title to sport a zombies mode, this year’s Call of Duty is looking to usher in the undead in grand fashion.

Modern zombies

Is it a little odd that Modern Warfare games have never had a ‘zombies’ mode? Maybe, considering that said modes are typically wildly popular. But then again, Modern Warfare games have typically been from completely separate development teams than the games that have usually counted co-op, undead-slaying among their modes.

But whatever the past has held as true, that changes this year. The 2023 edition of Call of Duty, which is indeed Modern Warfare III, will not only count zombies on its roster, but it seems like it’s going to do so in the biggest way possible.

MW3 will kinda/sorta tie its “Operation Deadbolt” into the main campaign, as it’ll have some of Modern Warfare III’s heroes included in its action. Past that, this new zombies mode will be set in a big, open-world map that’s loaded with objectives, contracts, upgrades, rewards, and more. As you can imagine, completing and finding all of the aforementioned will be complicated quite a bit by the ravenous horde of the undead that’ll be plaguing your every move.

To get everybody ready for that hell of a battlefield, Activision has released a special new blog post that digs in. The new article covers playable operators, loadouts, upgrades and more that you’ll find while out in the field, and plenty more.

Click here to check it out on the official site, then get set, because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III arrives on Xbox and PlayStation platforms and the PC on November 10th.

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