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Sega’s Speed Strats series returns, with the finer points of Sonic Superstars

Kicking off with a spotlight on single player happenings, the first episode of Sonic Superstars: Speed Strats is here.

Season premier

If you missed it with everything else that’s been hitting consoles and the PC these past weeks, Sonic Superstars is here. The latest title to star Sega’s mascot, Superstars takes the property back to its core, with side-scrolling gameplay.

But don’t go thinking that this is a ‘retro title’ as Superstars looks like modern through and through, with some nice visual upgrades over even the likes of recent 2D Sonic titles. It also introduces something that the series hasn’t traditionally had; 4 player co-op. Fans can take to the game’s new island locations as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy Rose. And each of those heroes has different abilities and powers that should serve to shake-up the ‘Sonic’ formula.

To showcase all of this and more, Sega has brought back the “Speed Strats” series of YouTube videos. Each one will focus on one of the game’s elements, kicking off with single player action. Oh, just to warn you though before you hit ‘play’ below, there are some spoilers.

They’re clearly labeled, so if you’ve yet to play and you wanna go in fresh, just stop playback when you reach ’em.

Highlights of the above video, excluding the spoilers, include the different powers that Sonic and his pals bring to gameplay. Amy can smash and bash with her hammer, Knuckles can power through obstacles and climb walls, and Tails can of course fly.

Pretty cool too, is that Miles can also carry other characters, just like you’ve seen in past Sonic titles. Only this time taking flight is controllable, and so’s grabbing onto other characters in multiplayer mode. Kind makes him a great support character too, in addition to being perfect for series-newbies.

Past that the video digs into the other modes that can be played solo. Those include Time Attack, Battle Mode, and Character Act stages. Those last ones are special stages “designed uniquely for each of the four main heroes and their abilities”. Finally, there’s that spoilery section.

While we won’t divulge that here, we can give you a generality that’s not really a spoiler. That’s that there’s a new campaign that opens up after completing the game’s main story mode. If you’re looking for details, just check out the latest episode of Speed Strats above.

Sonic Superstars is out now for both consoles and the PC.

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