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Wizordum brings back first-person spell-casting on PC next month

The classic first-person fantasy genre is back thanks to Wizordum, with Apogee and Emberheart Games’ Wizordum.

There’s a spell I’m thinking of…

If you were playing FPS’ on the PC (and even on consoles) back in the 90s, chances are you had a Bruch with the first-person spell-casting sub-genre. Fantasy has a lengthy history with FPS’ after all, and games like Heretic were icons for a reason.

Nevertheless, in the decades since that heyday, shooters have embraced a less magical tone. It isn’t all that often, if at all, that we see magic-focused FPS after all. Maybe that’s why Apogee’s newest title, from developer Emberheart Games, is just looking so darned good.

The title is Wizordum, and it casts players as “the last mage”one of the last Mages of Wizordum sanctuary”, and sends them on a mission to save their order and stop evil in its tracks. That’s something, by the way, that you’ll be able to do with spells or medieval hardware like some good old fashioned maces.

Can’t beat a classic.

The Mages of Wizordum are on the brink of extinction, falling to ever-encroaching mayhem outside the sanctuary. Sharpen an arsenal of steel and magic and set out for the Town of Grimbrook, looking for the Source while blasting off everyone standing in the way. Along the way, search nooks and crannies for loot and relics to solve mystifying puzzles and deliver even more damage.

Incapacitate vile ogres and goblins with a skull-crushing mace, shoot rapid-fire ice shards with the Frostweaver, and master the Spellstriker to shatter the concentrated magic upon your foes. Fend off the restless undead and monstrous rats while winding through cobweb-covered hallways, restless cemeteries, sewers, labyrinths, and blood-spattered courtyards full of traps and treasure. 

Crumbling cobblestone, incinerated buildings, decay-filled dungeons, and misty harbors full of secrets await fearless spellcasters inside the collapsing city walls of Grimbrook. Claim a spot on the hallowed leaderboard where tougher difficulty levels yield higher scores, and achieve perfect pace on every run with speedrun-friendly level design.

Apogee press release

Wizordum is set to debut on Steam for the PC on November 15th, 2023. In addition to the game, there’s also a soundtrack on the way, which will debut on Apogee Music, and drawing inspiration from classic fantasy titles like Ultima and Elder Scrolls. That’ll also have a “a retro option” with a Roland MT-32 mode, which sounds pretty neat, and artwork from “legendary Origin Systems illustrator Denis Loubet”. So look for that too.

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