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TGS 23: Action-roguelike The Awakener: Forgotten Oath quests to PC next month, demo out now

From developer Gamera Games, The Awakener: Forgotten Oath looks like it might be a nice little surprise for action fans.


An action-roguelike from Taner Games and developer Gamera Games, The Awakener: Forgotten Oath has made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show. Though we can’t say we’re all that familiar with the series, this next chapter to “The Awakener” looks pretty slick.

Yes, it’s a roguelike, but it’s also sporting some nice looking graphics and character design, and promises god-powered relics and ancient artifacts to make use of, as well as “a diverse cast of characters to recruit to your side”.

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath offers a high degree of freedom as an action-roguelike game. Players take on the role of The Awakener, chosen by the 12 gods of Sereid, to experience an exhilarating third-person combat experience. In this chaotic world, how to deal with each battle is entirely up to the player. The game offers players various characters and combat styles; different combinations of action modules provide a completely unique combat experience.

In the game, players can use holy relics, equipment, and items to strengthen themselves. Through continuous combat and the cycle of death, players can improve themselves outside the game with the ultimate goal of defeating the servants of chaos and preventing the resurrection of the Demon Lord.

Gamera Games press release

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath is set to launch on the PC, via Steam, on October 18th, 2023. If you’d like to give it a shot right now though, you’re in luck as a demo is up on the PC gaming platform as you read this. There’s a catch though, as it’s only posted for a limited time (7 days). So if you want to play, you’d best be quick about downloading and digging in.

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