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NYCC 23: Squanch Games getting High on Life with panel, and meet-up

High on Life was a pretty big hit for Squanch Games, and it’ll feature in a big way for the company at NYCC next month.


So did you get High on Life? The shooter debuted last December, and proved to be a hilarious surprise for genre fans, bringing both some way-out humor and solid blastin’ gameplay. If you indulged too, you’re likely sitting on the edge of your seat eagerly awaiting the arrival of the big “High on Knife” expansion pack.

That new DLC for the core title doesn’t have a release date just yet, though we’re looking for it to drop some time this fall. Nevertheless, Squanch Games is ready to talk it up in a big way, and that’s coming down at New York Comic Con in just a few weeks time.

The show will play host to a special panel from the developer, complete with a detailing of the pack and some nifty giveaways. As you’ll see though, don’t expect any t-shirt canons. Apparently they’re not great for small and enclosed spaces.

The panel, Behind the Knife: A Journey into High On Life with Squanch Games, will be in Room 405 on Thursday, October 12 from 6-7 p.m. ET. The team will be spilling their guts about the DLC, sharing behind-the-scenes stories from its development and how Knifey went from being a humble talking knife in High On Life to the star of the whole darn thing! Not enough for you? Did I mention that there’s going to be merch giveaways? No T-shirt cannons though. Did you know there’s a lethal range for T-shirt cannons? It’s true.

Panelists include Aimee Achilli (lead producer); Mike Fridley (notoriously tall Squanch studio director and CEO); Erich Meyer (chief design officer); Alec Robbins (narrative director); Mikey Spano (chief creative officer); and Andy Vatter (lead designer). We have a Very Cool host, but you’ll have to wait and see who it is.

Squanch Games press release

All that and a party too

The above not enough for you? Still have a hankering for more Squanchy action? Well, then you’re in luck, as there’s a community meet-up on tap too, and it sounds like it’ll be a pretty nifty time. It also sounds like it might be for ‘adults only’, so make sure to check before you bring any smaller humans to this “chill” evening on the town.

The happening will be taking place at Bourbon and Branch, a southern-style pub located at 155 W 33rd street in Manhattan. It looks like a pretty swanky place honestly, and attendees will be able to “have a cocktail with the team, and check out (buy!) cool new High On Life merch!”, according to the press release.

The even will be taking place after show hours on the first day of the Con, which is Thursday, October 12th. Look for things to kick off at 8:30pm and wrap at 11pm.

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