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Artist Ken Niimura signs on for Bubble Ghost Remake

SelectaPlay and developer VIDIBOND Games’ remake of Bubble Ghost has signed some major talent, with artist Ken Niimura.

Bubble up some artwork

Do you remember Bubble Ghost? A pretty early home video game, Bubble Ghost debuted for platforms like the Amiga and Commodore 64, but hasn’t been seen all that much since the 80s. The original release is available on the PC, and there was a Game Boy edition too, but that’s been it. If you remember the game fondly and you’ve been looking for a modern revamp, you’ve been out of luck.

That though, will change in 2024, as publisher SelectaPlay and developer VIDIBOND Games have Bubble Ghost Remake on tap. The new edition of the title will completely remake the puzzler, with not only new challenges, but a throughly modern auditory and visual overhaul.

While Ken Niimura’s collaboration adds a touch of artistic brilliance to Bubble Ghost Remake, the spotlight remains firmly on the game itself. This delightful title promises to breathe new life into the beloved classic, offering players an immersive and visually captivating experience. As the Demo for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam approaches, gamers can look forward to embarking on a nostalgic yet refreshingly modern journey through the haunted mansion, guided by the adorable little ghost and its bubble.

SelectaPlay press release

While the title is coming along in terms of development, there’s been a pretty big announcement this week, that artist Ken Niimura has signed onto the project to create its KeyArt. You might know that name as Niimura has worked for companies like “Amazon, Google, and Marvel Comics”. He brings the classic style that you see in the header image above with him, which adds nicely to the retro vibe that VIDIBOND Games is running with for Bubble Ghost Remake.

You actually be able to play this reinvention of the classic pretty soon too, by way of a demo that’ll be making its way to the PC and Switch. Watch for that announcement any time now, thought the full release is still a ways off. Fans can look for that some time in 2024.

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