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Bringing the original Xbox into the modern era, EON Gaming’s XBHD is finally (almost) here

Peripheral-maker EON has been hard at work on an adapter to boost the original Xbox with an HDMI connection.

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We first told you about EON Gaming’s XBHD in May, when the unit was announced to have a June 2023 release. The latest in a line from the company, the XBHD adapter does exactly what the name implies and links the original Microsoft Xbox console to modern TV’s with an HDMI upgrade. That console didn’t have an HDMI port of course, so the new box functions as a middle-man, allowing for the modern connection and boosting the system’s output.

According to EON, users can expect “support ranging from 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions”. That’s not all though, because the XBHD also allows for a multi-monitor setup, connectivity to headphones/speakers/capture cards, and the ability to forget the router, if you want to fire up a LAN party. The XBHD has support built-in for up to 4 Xboxes.

It’s slick package for sure, and one that likely would have had a good amount of modern Xbox fans happily buying in to kick off the summer. The original date was scrubbed though, fairly quickly after its announcement, and replaced with essentially a ‘coming soon’. But while the XBHD has been in limbo since, it’s finally just about ready for primetime. And as luck would have it, just in time for a little fall-gaming.

EON has revealed that fans can expect to get their hands on an XBHD as of this October the 10th, with a price of $189.99 USD. The plug-and-play unit will be hitting Amazon, as well as smaller retailers like Rondo ProductsStone Age Gamer, and Games Connection.

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