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Gamescom 23: Build your own fantasy city with Pioneers of Pagonia

Have you ever dreamed of making your own fantasy town? Take those sim-dreams and make them real with Pioneers of Pagonia.

Lush rolling hills

There are no evil warlords out to ruin the land and befoul the seas, and there’s no overlord of wickedness looking to warp the minds and souls of the citizenry. Maybe not anyway. We’re pretty sure.

Look, there’s always some kind of threat out there, and it looks like you will have to deal with some kind of shadowy force in Pioneers of Pagonia. But even so, this is mainly a sim game we’re talking about, and one that serves up a quiet life for its denizens, as you forge them a living in its fantasy realm.

Just uh, maybe keep an eye on those wolves…

Pagonia is made up of countless islands full of scattered villages, a bountiful supply of resources, and enticing secrets. Become a visionary and forge alliances with the various factions. Manage Pagonia’s economy, road network, and branching production chains. Send out pioneers to discover untouched soil and expand the population’s reach. Protect the population with patrolling guards, specialized fighters, and different mysticists from hostile animals, plundering bandits and mythical creatures. Can you unify the islands of Pagonia?

Envision Entertainment press release

Volker Wertich and Envision Entertainment have cooked up something pretty interesting for Pioneers of Pagonia, called “Wuselfaktor”. Roughly translated to English (from German), that means “the hustle and bustle factor”, according to the publisher. For players, it should mean a town or city that has “thousands of detailed inhabitants.” Envision promises a deep economic system, with plenty of infrastructure mechanics to keep players managing. And as mentioned, that’s in addition to a focus on exploration, as player try to map out their land and create unity between Pagonia’s factions.

Pioneers of Pagonia is expected to arrive on the PC in Early Access form, some this this December.

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