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Marvel’s first Alien Annual pits xeno v xeno

Alien fans, get ready for the brawl for it all… or at least, the brawl for a moon already overrun with a subspecies of xeno.


You might be having a bit of the old deja vu right now. If you are, you’re forgiven, since we’ve seen Alien hives locked in combat before. But while the overall theme isn’t new, aspects of this new Marvel Comics Annual definitely are.

Cover by Declan Shalvey

For one thing, there’s the creative team, and if you’ve been enjoying the current run of the ongoing, from writer Declan Shalvey and artist Andrea Broccardo, then you should dig this. It’s from that same team after all, and looks to expand on the lore that’s currently being explored in the series.

“Writing ALIEN has been a fantastic experience so far, digging into the desolate horror the franchise allows on the Thaw storyline with a diehard collaborator like Andrea Broccardo,” Shalvey shared. “With this upcoming annual, I get to expand on the world we’ve built with a ferocious battle of monsters by the excellent Danny Earls, whose stark shadows and organic shapes are perfect for a series like this. I promise that no humans will survive this tale.”

Declan Shalvey

That’s a nice little play on words there, since there are no humans included in this story. That’s correct, this one is 100% pure xeno vs xeno action, that brings a standard xenomorph hive into contact with a subspecies that’s been frozen in ice, locked away on a remote moon for eons.

So what happens when two hives of vicious killer space-bugs meet? Find out this October the 4th, when Alien Annual #1 hits stands from Marvel Comics.

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