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The first extended look at Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon’s gameplay is here

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware are ready to give fans a deeper look at the incredible looking Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon.

Crossing into dangerous territory

As you can see above, Bandai Namco has just unleashed over 13 minutes of gameplay for Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon, and it looks as great as you might’ve hoped. The visuals are jaw-dropping, with massive and multi-leveled, open playfields serving as hosts to explosive mech v mech battles. Some sections of the maps are actually so big that players will have to make use of their Core’s near full-flight capability to navigate. But it’s not all sight-seeing.

Once in a fight, you’ll make use of some serious hardware too, as Armored Cores will be able to outfit four weapons at any given time. Using those, you’ll directly assault smaller foes from afar, or engage them in melee combat. There’s another level of strategy to fighting larger ships and bosses however, which is where “stagger” comes into play. Once their tech is knocked loopy, you can move in for the kill.

But enough jawing, hit play below and have a look for yourself.

As the video showcases, success in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON will come from tinkering with highly customizable mech builds, a signature feature of the series, and learning the right strategies and techniques such as staggering enemies with the right weapons, combining ranged and melee attacks, and taking every advantage in battle. 

Bandai Namco press release

From the looks of it, Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon should feel right at home for long time series fans. You won’t have to wait too long to play it either, as it’s inbound for an August 25th launch, for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC (via Steam).

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