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SDCC 23: The Ghost flies again, with Hasbro’s new Star Wars HasLab crowd-fund

The heavily rumored and highly-anticipated next Star Wars (The Vintage Collection) HasLab is finally here, with the massive Ghost.

Not at all spectral

So… chances are you knew this one was coming. The Ghost was pretty much a known commodity thanks to pre-Con rumors and a campaign right from Hasbro that had some fans guessing right as to what was on the way for the next HasLab crowd-funding. Though it turns out that those rumors were both right and a tad wrong at the same time.

The new HasLab is the Ghost, but it’s the version of the ship as featured in the new Star Wars: Ahsoka series on Disney+, and not Rebels. Not that it makes all the much of a difference though, since the ship looks basically (exactly?) the same, it’s just that the branding is different.

As for the ship itself though, it’s absolutely massive. Clocking in at a mighty 28″ x 34″, the Ghost stands over a foot tall (13″!) and has room for a reported 15 (Vintage Collection) action figures. With that kind of size going for it, you’d no doubt expect a bevy of play features and detailing.

Honestly? You’re probably not going to be disappointed.

The Ghost has a main cockpit that seats four figures and a nose-turret that seats one. The canopies on both are removable, as are the landing gear (which come off instead of retracting), and there’s also a dorsal turret that fully rotates, a front ramp that can lower, and a docking bay for the Phantom II (which is also included). That’s not even the half of it too, as the Ghost features a fully explorable interior, well past the impressively detailed command section.

Fans can remove interior plating to reveal both Captain’s and Crew Quarters, plus a galley and lounge. And much like the cockpit, all of the above looks like it carries some sharp detail, complete with a dining table, seating, and one of those well-known Star Wars gaming tables.

But wait, there’s more, as this HasLab also includes a pack-in. That figure comes in the form of pilot and General Hera Syndulla, who’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. While Hera is assured if the Ghost funds (which, let’s be honest…), there’s the possibility of much more.

If the campaign hits 11k backers, fans will be treated to Ezra Bridger. If it should break 14k backers, Kanan Jarrus will also be included, and if the final tier is reached, backers will also get Zeb. All of the figures, including Hera, will feature “Rebels” branded cardbacks that have imagery from the final episode of the fan-favorite cartoon.

Interestingly, Hasbro notes that fans will have to unlock all of the tiers in order to “start building” the “mural cardiac collection”. So maybe there’s more to come on that front? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, all of the above is up for backing right now via HasLab, for $499.99 USD. The campaign already has almost 6k backers with an initial target of 8k, and a little over 46 days left in the campaign. Think it’ll fund?

Click here if you’d like to get in on it.

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