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Trailer: Release the Kraken, here comes the final DLC pack for Sniper Elite 5

“Kraken Awakes”? Fans of Sniper Elite 5 will know just what that’s alluding to, but needless to say, it’s no mythological monster. Prepare to deep-six the reich.

So where’s Liam Neeson?

Not a magical sea-beast from the depths of Greek lore, the Kraken in Sniper Elite 5 is an aircraft carrier, one developed in secret by the German war machine. And it’s time to put the hurt on it, and it’s creator, once and for all.

Intel gathered in previous missions has revealed that Operation Kraken is still a looming threat that demands your immediate action. Karl Fairburne, the legendary sniper, must utilize the cover of darkness and harness the power of shadows to sabotage an under-construction aircraft carrier – the new home of Operation Kraken – and ensure it never sets sail. The fate of the Allies hangs in the balance as you face off against Friedrich Vogel, former deputy to Abelard Möller, and the new mastermind behind this diabolical scheme.

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Along with the final adventure into the heart of the Nazi Navy, Kraken Awakes also includes the Mod.712 pistol, and some fresh skins. The pack arrives along with a new multiplayer map as well, with the Abandoned Quarry.

Engage in heart-pounding firefights as you explore the treacherous depths of the old mine. Seek out vantage points and hidden corners in the nearby coal processing center that provide you with the perfect spot for picking off your enemies. Whether you prefer the stealthy approach or all-out gunfire and action, the Abandoned Quarry offers an adrenaline-fueled experience for Snipers of all playstyles.

Rebellion press release

All of the above is available right now for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC editions of Sniper Elite 5. Additionally, Kraken Awakes is available as both a part of the Season Pass Two, and a’la carte.

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