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Check those corners, Aliens: Dark Descent is out now for PC and consoles

A more strategic take on the iconic sci-fi property, Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive’s Aliens: Dark Descent looks interesting indeed.

Shaking things up

When you think about “Aliens” themed video games, what genres come to mind? Likely it’s not anything having to do with strategy, but that’s just what Aliens: Dark Descent has on tap.

From developer Tindalos Interactive, Aliens: Dark Descent takes the franchise out of the realms of first and third-person shooting, and plunks it square into “strategic, real-time, squad-based tactical action”. Though don’t let the tags fool you either, according to Focus Entertainment, Dark Descent will task players with more than just positioning Marines and opening up on some nasty xenos.

Aside from guiding their squad though the xenomorph-filled levels, fans will have to keep an eye on their vitals, and be careful that those troops don’t meet an untimely end. After all, in the game’s infested-world, death is permanent.

In Aliens: Dark Descent, players command a squad of hardened Colonial Marines as they attempt to stop a terrifying new threat on Planet Lethe. Led as one unit with intuitive controls on keyboard and mouse as well as on controller, the squad takes on real-time combat against iconic Xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the insatiable Weyland-Yutani, and a host of horrifying creatures new to the Alien universe. Using a range of tactical abilities, players will unravel an authentic Alien tale full of sinister secrets, diving in and exploring the horrors and wonders of a cinematic narrative campaign.

Focus Entertainment press release

As you can see there, there’s a fair shake of customization options for your team of Marines as well. That’ll take place on the Otago, the “stranded” ship that you and your team will call home in Dark Descent. There players will be able to load-out their squad with appropriate hardware, research new weaponry and armor, treat the wounded, and level-up individual troopers.

Is Aliens: Dark Descent finally another Aliens title worthy of the legendary property? You can find out as of today, as the title has landed for both PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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