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Undead Inc. lets players run their own nefarious Pharma co

While there aren’t any umbrellas in sight, Team17 and Rightside Games’ Undead Inc. might be just the sim that horror fans have been itching for.


It’s a pretty well-worn horror element at this point, that’s a given. But all the same, the ‘evil pharmaceutical company’ theme is one that never made the leap to really any genres aside from action or survival-horror. That’s to say, it hasn’t previously, because developer Rightsized Games’ debut title is looking to take a bite out of the simulation market.

Players of Undead Inc. will be tasked with taking the reigns of an Endswell Medical franchise, and making it go. That means making sure things stay on track in terms of profit and loss, and meeting the expectations of investors.

But on the flip side, it also means developing deadly bioweapons and dangerous drugs, as well as technology that might not be completely on the up and up. So a little from column A and a little from column B.

Running a successful corporation requires sacrifice, but as all good CEOs and MDs know, the sacrifice needn’t be their own. As the public-facing arm of Endswell Medical keeps things running above ground (and above board) its nefarious underbelly is where the real transformative and lucrative magic happens. Players will research and develop bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, and dangerous technology for sale to the highest bidder, all while keeping any … situations … literally and figuratively behind closed doors.

Team17 press release

Undead Inc. will allow aspiring leaders to choose their franchise’s directors and workers, with the mention that “loose lips sink ships”. If you’re not hiring right, that cheap worker you just brought on might just decide to tell the locals about the… things you have locked up in the sub-basements. Wouldn’t want that! Aside from team management, players will also be able to build their bases of operations in various biomes. So you should be able to create the evil lair of abominations of your dreams.

Oh, and also worth noting is that Endswell Medical isn’t a company that’s built to last, no matter what you do. So a part of the game will be knowing when to pull up stakes and relocate so you can start the madness all over again.

Undead Inc. has no release date just yet, but keep an eye out, as it’s on the way for the PC.

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