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Trailer: Sim-berpunk? That’s more or less the premise behind the impressive looking Nivalis

What if you could go to a cyberpunk city in a game, but instead of action, the focus was mainly on daily living? Check out Nivalis.

It’s night, in the city

Start small. Open a food stall, a noodle stand, or a stim store. Build your way up to a bar, a restaurant, or even a nightclub and eventually, you’ll own all the nightlife in Nivalis. In this unique slice-of-life sim with realistic weather simulation and night & day cycles, you can grow your business, meet a diverse cast of characters, form friendships, build relationships, and experience the danger and wonder of this cyberpunk voxel city one bowl of noodles at a time. But it isn’t going to be easy.

There are gangs who want to harvest your organs, the Corps will fine you for breathing, and the whole time, the ground under your feet is crumbling. And let’s not mention ‘The Aseptic’, the mysterious serial killer that leaves no trace. This city could fall into the ocean tomorrow, so you better make your fortune today. Or, just kick back, revel in your time and fish. Nivalis is your voxel oyster.

505 Games press release

For a non-combat-centric game, Nivalis looks like it’s preparing to do a lot with its cyberpunk themes. It’s pretty unique that the title basically has the premise of letting players ‘live’ in its ‘punk world. Right now anyway, it seems as though this ‘choose your own adventure’ title might just hit the spot for fans of the genre.

At the very least, it’s one to watch, as it closes in on a 2024 PC release.

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