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Trailer: Climb rocks, solve puzzles in Don’t Nod’s upcoming Jusant

Hailing from French indie studio Don’t Nod, Jusant is a very different kind of game. It sports an emphasis on puzzle-solving, exploration, and climbing.

Where’s Sly when you need him

Experience climbing like never before in this action-puzzle climber and meditative journey to reach the top of an immeasurable tall tower and uncover clues along the way. Challenge yourself at your own pace, explore different paths, and unravel the secrets left behind from a bygone civilization with the help of a mysterious companion.
Players will need to master climbing tools and watch their stamina to successfully navigate this tower. They’ll be challenged to figure out how best to use their tools to explore and reach the different ways up, as they go higher and hone their skills. Different paths contain clues and leftover signs of whatever happened to the people that once lived there.

Don’t Nod press release

See that little creature accompanying the climber on his quest? That’s Ballast, and he’s made up entirely of water. He’ll be indispensable too, “waking” nature up as you traverse Jusant’s otherwise desolate and rocky landscape, and revealing both hidden paths and clues to the past.

Jusant is looking pretty darn unique, and is set to hit the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC this fall.

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