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Rock n Roll, zombies, and heavy artillery abound in John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando

From the mind of a horror legend, come hordes of the undead and hideous mutants, for the just-revealed John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando.

You’re to blame

Yeah, zombies might be a well-worn element in horror gaming, but you haven’t seen zombies like the ones in Toxic Commandos. These rotters are powered by an Eldritch god dug up from the Earth’s core, and they aren’t afraid of ganging up on their prey.

But on top of that, the game that is Toxic Commandos is also looking to add a little (or a lot) of B-movie humor back into the landscape. And in a genre that can get pretty grim, that’s kind of a nice change of pace. Plus of course, this is all from the mind of horror-movie legend (and big video game fan) John Carpenter. So it’s got a pretty sharp pedigree.

Here’s your first look at the 80s-inspired action/horror title in action:

In the near future, an experimental attempt to harness the power of the Earth’s core ends in a terrifying disaster: the release of the Sludge God. This eldritch abomination begins terraforming the area, turning soil to scum and the living to undead monsters. Luckily, the genius behind the experiment has a plan to make things right. All he needs is a team of competent, highly trained mercenaries to get the job done.

Unfortunately, they were all too expensive. Which is why he’s hired… the Toxic Commandos!

Focus Entertainment press release

As you can see, we weren’t kidding about the zombies. The swarm is massive, and comes by way of Saber Interactive’s Swarm Engine, which powered World War Z: Aftermath.

Also as you can see, you’ll be able to get together with 1-4 players for this blood-soaked romp through hell on Earth. Players will be able to wield explosives, guns galore, and swords on their way, and even jump behind the wheel of some wicked vehicles to make the zeds go splat.

There’s no release date just yet for John Carpenter’s Toxic Commandos, but you can expect it some time in 2024 for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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