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Trailer: Tiny Thor battles Lil’ Loki and more in new side-scroller today

Wielding his famed Uru mallet, Asylum Square’s classically-styled side-scroller Tiny Thor arrives on the PC (with a Switch launch coming up).

Tiny, but still mighty

Armed with his trusty mini-Mjölnir, the young god will travel across 36 gorgeously illustrated levels, battling baddies and cleverly aiming and launching his mighty mini-hammer. In the game’s full campaign, which takes between 10 and 20 hours to complete, Thor will ready, aim, and ricochet Mjölnir off enemies and the environment, solving puzzles and pushing ever forward on his journey across the magical world of Asgard. Additionally, players can learn special abilities to bestow Thor with mighty powers befitting a (very small) god and unlock challenge levels to test their godliness even further.

Asylum Square press release

Tiny Thor is out right now for the PC, via Steam, GOG, and Epic. There’s a Switch edition coming up as well, though there’s no release date just yet for that.

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