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Almost time to get Ludicrous with the remaster of the original Rise of the Triad

Fans of 90s FPS’ are in for a midsummer treat, with the arrival of the remastered Rise of the Triad. The Ludicrous Edition hits next month.

Ludicrous gibs!

There are a few first-person shooters that fans (who are old enough) should remember well from the genre’s relative early days. That refers to the Dukes and Dooms of the world, but also completely off the wall stuff like Rise of the Triad.

From Apogee, Rise of the Triad (or RoTT) was a spiritual sequel to the original Wolfenstein series, and is still one of the craziest shooters of all time. Aside from the over the top weapons and copious amounts of blood and gore, it also had stuff like ‘dog mode’. And yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Now the game is back, and ready once more to bring its madness to FPS fans. This isn’t exactly the same RoTT that you might be used to though, as it’s included in the new “Ludicrous Edition”, complete with 60+fps gameplay, 4k resolution, and a bigger field of view. And as you’d expect these days, it also will be stocked with achievements, cloud saves, “and more”.

Here’s a look:

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is a blast to the past in the best way possible. I would know, I was there!” says Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Entertainment and original project manager of Rise of the Triad. “It was a pivotal title that pushed the FPS genre forward, and thanks to the KEX engine from Nightdive, the original version lives on for another generation to experience a piece of FPS history.”

Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Entertainment

As you can see there, the ol’ shooter is looking better than ever… and just as crazy. Also as you can see there, it’s coming up soon. Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is set to debut on July 31st for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the Switch, and the PC.

You’ll be able to play it well before that though, if you have access to that latter platform. The Steam version of RoTT:LE will be featured in the next Next Fest event, which means a demo will be available. Look for that later this month, on June 19th.

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