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Meet the G.O.D.S., in an upcoming variant cover series from Marvel Comics

The mystical and the scientific meet in what Marvel Comics is describing as a redefinition of its cosmic beings, with Jon Hickman as the driving force.

Fighting evil in a modern time

Given his run on X-Men, which is still very much ongoing with numerous tie-ins and events, it’s probably safe to say that writer Jonathan Hickman isn’t afraid to change the status quo. That’s something that’ll once again become apparent in G.O.D.S., coming up from Marvel Comics.

G.O.D.S. will, according to the publisher, usher in a new age for the cosmic-level of its superhero universe. That’s not to say that characters like Galactus and The Watcher will be going anywhere, but instead a new series of players will be introduced. And in the tradition of many a comic before it, it sounds like it’ll be by way of the mighty retcon machine.

Who are the G.O.D.S.? This fall, readers will find out in a revolutionary series by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti.Announced back in March, G.O.D.S. will see two of the industry’s greatest modern visionaries dramatically redefine Marvel’s pantheon of cosmic beings and masterfully deconstruct the forces behind reality. The breathtaking new saga will introduce a host of new characters—all players in a secret conflict at the crossroads of science and magic!

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But enough talk, here are the covers

So with the above in mind, it certainly seems as though G.O.D.S. is going to be a big time comic book event. And you know what that means. Yep, variant covers aplenty. As we’ll get to however, this won’t be your typical spread of illustrations.

Nevertheless, the series of variants will kick off in Marvel’s line this August. It’ll spotlight the core-cast of G.O.D.S., pairing them with existing heroes and villains. Some of those we already know are related, as Doctor Strange and Wyn will meet in the first G.O.D.S. story arc, but others are more of a mystery.

As you’ll see, one even includes Doctor Doom and the G.O.D.S. main heavy, known as Cubisk Core. Some interesting possibilities there. But be that as it may, the covers that you’re about to check out are not the full slate. Just keep in mind that there will be more to come.

Featured G.O.D.S. include:

  • Wyn, a powerful magic expert who’s operated in secret for thousands of years and is now forced to come out of the shadows.
  • Aiko Maki, a high-ranking agent brutally loyal to the ways of science and willing to do anything to keep the building blocks of creation in balance.
  • Dmitri the Science Boy, Wyn’s reckless partner who has a secret mission of his own to discover the dark truth of his past.
  • Mia the Magic Girl, a young sorcerer struggling to achieve her full potential.
  • Cubisk Core, a mysterious being of pure corruption seeking to shatter the existing systems.
  • And more!

And finally, as mentioned, this isn’t just your standard variant cover onslaught. Each variant issue (there’ll be nine total) will also include a bonus page, written by Hickman and showing interactions between the G.O.D.S. and some of Marvel’s most famous characters.

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