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Take an audio break, and give Dead Island 2’s OST a spin

Been hard at work hacking the undead to pieces in Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2? How about a musical interlude?


Announced today, and released as well, is the soundtrack to this year’s biggest zombie-smasher Dead Island 2. The long awaited sequel’s tunes are now ready to be added to pretty much any non-undead, real-life activity. Use ’em as the backdrop to laundry day, while getting some paperwork done, or even if you’re making dinner. That last one kinda fits, what with the cannibal corpses and all.

The music comes courtesy of Dambuster’s senior audio designer, Ryan Williams, and with contribution from Feel For Music. If you’re not familiar, that’s an “experienced British music consultancy and creation company”.

Williams though, was the “driving force” behind the work. A described “lifelong” horror fan, Williams was not only instrumental (get it?) in the creation of the OST, but also has “weapon design and cinematic SFX expertise” as well. So he knows his stuff, and that should make for a pretty great listening experience for those into the macabre.

Speaking of, listening is something that you can do via a staggering 45 different streaming platforms as of today. We weren’t even aware there were that many, but Deep Silver was, and that’s what counts.

Wanna check out some deadly tones? Click here to get access to a list of the most popular streaming platforms, with direct links to the Dead Island 2 soundtrack.

Oh, and don’t forget that DI2 is out right now for both consoles and the PC.

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