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Valiant Comics’ supernatural hero returns in a brand new game with Shadowman: Darque Legacy

Looking and sounding a heck of a lot more like Shadowman than the now-classic game (as good as it was) did, Shadowman: Darque Legacy is coming.

Shadowman returns

If you know anything about Valiant Comics’ universe, or Shadowman in particular, today’s is a terrific surprise. Not only is the supernatural superhero making a comeback in the world of video games, but he looks to be doing so in style.

We’re more than ready to admit that the 90s Shadowman game is a classic, so don’t get us wrong. There’s no other way to describe it, as the 3D action title from the N64 (with a PS2 sequel) did some excellent things with its gameplay and unique ‘voodoo’ themes. But as good as it was, it also bore very little resemblance to, well, Shadowman.

That looks to change right now though, as the aforementioned comics publisher has teamed with Blowfish Studios to create something completely new. And as brief the first-look trailer is, it’s tough not to get excited.

As a flagship title for Valiant, the adventures of Jack Boniface and other Shadowmen against the forces of the Deadside have entertained comic readers and gamers alike for decades. First published in 1992, the franchise has garnered such acclaim that it even boasts an officially declared “Shadowman Day” since Jan. 17, 1993. 

As a conspiracy threatens to overrun the realm of the living, Shadowman must contend with horrifying inhuman entities with challenging melee combat. Follow a dark path from the land of the living to the hellish realm of the Deadside as you cross the veil between both. Embody the hero of the dark to traverse the necromantic divide, overcome dastardly obstacles, and silence the terrifying threats lurking within.

Blowfish Studios press release

There isn’t a lot in that video for sure, but check out the teaser image. That looks like a dead-on version of Shadowman. Also the subtitle of “Darque Legacy” is an unmistakable nod to Shadowman’s nemesis, the necromancer called Master Darque. If you’re a fan, it might be time to get excited.

Shadowman is scheduled to arrive for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC (via Steam and Epic) some time in 2024. Stay tuned though, we’ll likely have lots more on this between now and then.

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