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It’s set to be Street Fighter action aplenty this spring from Udon

There’s a tournament’s worth of Street Fighter comics both available and coming up soon from Udon, including the SF6 tie-in series.

Round… 6

Fighting game fans are champing at the bit to get to Capcom’s sixth numbered Street Fighter title. The latest in the series, SF6 changes up quite a few elements for the long running fighter, including an avatar system, and revamped online play and overall look.

But while the video game might be the main event, don’t forget that there’s a slew of comics starring the World Warriors as well. Those hail from publisher Udon, which will be continuing its fighting-game dominance this spring (and summer).

It all starts with… well actually it started already. Udon has a Sagat graphic novel, as well as a Cammy one-shot out in stores as you read this. The Sagat book is notable too as it’s the first story to focus on one of Street Fighter’s most complex charters. It’s also a 120 page hardcover, which is always nice.

Street Fighter Origins: Sagat

“He is a man obsessed with victory, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Shadaloo, and the God of Muay Thai. Sagat is among the world’s fiercest and most dedicated fighters. But before the martial arts world learned to fear his name, Sagat struggled to find his place in his home nation of Thailand. Street Fighter Origins: Sagat reveals the secrets of this dark figure’s past for the first time in a tale of kings and dictators… of monks and assassins… of men and gods.”

Udon press release

Street Fighter Masters: Cammy #1

The mad cyborg known as Seth has been unleashed on an unsuspecting London, and it’s up to MI6 operative Cammy to take the mechanical menace down! The queen of the Cannon Spike dives into her own 1-shot adventure! Featuring a rollicking story by David Lumsdon (Ménage à 3) and featuring incredible art by Alberto Alburquerque (New Mutants,Street Fighter Masters: Cammy #1 is available now!

Udon press release

The age of SF6 begins

Past the above, which again you can nab right now, there’s a little Street Fighter 6 mini-series to talk about. That will kick off on Free Comic Book Day, with a gratis one-shot, though the actually series is going to start a little later than scheduled.

Don’t worry, it’s still this month (May 2023), but Udon is moving the release of issue #1 down a few weeks, to May 24th. Why the shift? According to the company, it’s to make sure the debut “was as high-quality as we could make it”. Then after that hits, you can expect the next three issues to arrive weekly, through June 14th.

That’ll mean some overlap between this prequel tale and Street Fighter 6 itself (debuting June 2nd), but it is what it is. After that too, there’s even more to come.

Udon is planning out that Swimsuit Special, plus has even more Street Fighter on tap for this summer. And that’s not even mentioning Darkstalkers. Don’t forget that Felicia #1 is out right now.

As for the mini though, check out the official rundowns (complete with creative teams and release dates) below.

Street Fighter 6 #1

  • By Capcom and Bengus. 
  • Cover A by Chamba. Cover B by Shinkiro. Cover C Blank Sketch Variant. Cover D Powerfoil by Jo Chen.
  • 48 Pages, full color. A & B: US$5.99. C: $6.99. D: Ask your retailer! 
  • UPDATE: Shipping May 24th, 2023
  • The new era of fighting games begins here, in the official STREET FIGHTER 6 prequel comic! This weekly 48-page, 4-issue mini-series leads straight up the hotly anticipated game’s June release! In this issue: American martial arts champion Ken Masters travels to the city-state of Naishal for a new fighting tournament, but he finds much more danger than he bargained for!

Street Fighter 6 #2

  • By Capcom and Panzer. 
  • Cover A by Joe Ng. Cover B by Panzer.
  • 48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each
  • UPDATE: Shipping May 31st, 2023
  • Someone wants Ken Masters dead! Luckily the strongest woman in the world, Chun-Li, is on hand to keep her old friend safe. The epic storyline of Street Fighter 6 continues to unfold!

Street Fighter 6 #3

  • By Capcom and Hanzo Steinbach. 
  • Cover A by Long Vo. Cover B by Hanzo Steinbach.
  • 48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each.
  • UPDATE: Shipping June 7th, 2023
  • Deadly bombings are rocking the city, and it’s up to Luke to find the source! Plus, Ken Masters must make a devastating choice as his son’s life hangs in the balance!

Street Fighter 6 #4

  • By Capcom and Chisato Mita.
  • Cover A by Chamba. Cover B by Edwin Huang.
  • 48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each. 
  • UPDATE: Shipping June 14th, 2023
  • The mini-series reaches its epic conclusion! Ken Masters is through running, and makes his presence known at the Naishal fighting tournament! Only one man holds the truth about the chaos exploding around both Ken and Luke… the mysterious JP!

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