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It’s shades of the Scoleri Bros, as the courthouse and more arrives for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed tomorrow

Another round of free DLC is inbound for Illfonic’s asymmetrical multiplayer Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. It arrives tomorrow.

Night court

Spirits Unleashed might’ve gotten off to kind of a rocky start, but the multiplayer (and solo) ghost-busting action title has been building ever since launch. And thanks to developer Illfonic’s free post-launch DLC plan, it’s getting to be pretty filled-out.

The game just had a drop a short time back, and is now set for another one. This time it’ll deliver a haunted courthouse, as well as another new ghost-type, and a spectral realm of additional content.

Here’s your rundown on what’s included:

  • New Map, The Courthouse – Strange activity is reported at the courthouse, which has made it challenging to conduct legal proceedings. Decades of dark practices and paranormal contact have made the courthouse a hotbed for ghost activity. Halls, offices, and courtrooms all connect to form a uniquely entwined gameplay space.
  • New Ghost Type – Possessor Ghost Type + 3 Variants – Scuttle, Hellion, and the famous Terror Sentinel provide the Possessor Ghost type with a unique playstyle. Use unique abilities and the Ultimate Possession to take over Civilians and even Busters!
  • New AI type: Drudges – From the depths of the Ghost Realm, come the drudges to help! Summoned by Tobin, these helpful little entities help the ghost haunt the building and scare humans. Busters would be wise to focus on eliminating these spectral aides, and the Ghost can use the rifts to spawn more!
  • New Minion Ability: Trap Minions – A singular minion that the ghost plants hidden on the ground or inside of objects will spring to un-life when its stasis field is tripped and latch onto the unsuspecting victim!
  • Extreme Ghostbusters cosmetics, gear shells, and other customizations – Buster cosmetics and gear shells that harken back to the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series that are unlockable through various Side Hustles and Research Contracts. The team also has new footwear, skirts, kilt bottoms, and several makeup styles to choose from. Shirt logos can now be used on appropriate tops.
  • General Improvements – Gear Upgrade Menu Overhaul, Ghost/Buster Bot Improvements, bug fixes, balance, QOL fixes, etc. to further improve the overall experience!

Again, all of the above is free of charge, no matter which version of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed you happen to have. So if you’re all set and ready to bust, then make sure to log-in and hit that download tomorrow.

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