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Here’s your last blood-soaked look at dead Island 2 before it hits

The dead are coming. Again. This time the scene is Hell-A, the former home of Californian glitz and glamor has become a little more ‘blood and guts’.

Hit ’em til they stop biting

It’s been a long time, but Dead Island is officially back. the long-awaited sequel is looking sharp as an axe-blade and ready to unleash hell on LA this week for both consoles and the PC. But while you wait, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios has one last video treat for you.

Check out the launch look for one of the goriest (and maybe funniest) games of the year. Who do you voodoo?

The long-awaited next entry in the Dead Island franchise, Dead Island 2 places players in the shoes of one of six bombastic survivors – Amy, Bruno, Dani, Ryan, Carla, and Jacob. After finding out that you’re immune to the zombie virus the hard way, humanity’s future is in your hands. Aided by newfound friends, including the original Dead Island’s Sam B., players must escape from HELL-A before the rest of the world succumbs to the undead plague.

Deep Silver press release

As you can see there, there are a ton of ways to tackle the undead in Dead Island 2. Those include blades, guns… and a seeming berserker rage. A little ‘ripping and tearing’ anyone? Some interesting possibilities there for sure, given that it looks like the game will be throwing a hell of a lot of zombies at players. And as Deep Silver points out, as long as you’re leaving a trail of gore, “there isn’t a wrong way to mow down the hordes.”

Dead Island 2 is out this Friday, April 21st, for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC (via Epic).

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