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Brutally bloody and now in HD, Blade of Darkness hits Xbox and PlayStation

Epic fantasy in the Conan style, Blade of Darkness is a game that some call the forebear of the Soulslike genre. It’s out now on Xbox and PlayStation.

See your enemies driven before you

No, there’s no license attached to Blade of Darkness. But nonetheless, if you’re a Conan fan it’s kind of tough not to imagine the big Cimmerian rampaging through its dark fantasy world.

I remember Blade of Darkness well from its first run, though I don’t remember getting very far in it. Originally launching back at the top of 2001, BoD was tough as nails and required real combat strategy to succeed in. So if you were used to an easier time with your more typical hack and slash titles, you weren’t going to get very far.

At this point, the remaster of that classic has been out for the Switch and PC for a while. But not content to stop there, publisher SNEG has brought it to Xbox and PlayStation platforms as well. And this time, it’s got some high-definition textures with it.

Blade of Darkness has four playable heroes, interactive levels, and as you can see, also has a focus on hacking your enemies to pieces. Believe it or not, you can even use their severed limbs as weapons.

The Xbox and PlayStation versions of Blade’s remaster should be out now. And don’t worry if you have the Switch or PC version already, as they’ll be getting the HD textures bump as well. So stay tuned for that as well.

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