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‘Signalis’ Interference: Codex Entry analyzes one of last year’s most talked about games

Signalis is the creation of Rose Engine, the two person outfit of Yuri Stern and Barbara Wittman, and is a throwback to the classic survival horror games of the Playstation Era: Silent Hill, Resident Evil. Within a distant planet occupied by an East German inspired totalitarian state, a lone android searches for their lost partner. Full of puzzles, enemies for whom being shot to death is a respite rather than a defeat, and an environment that turns from sterile to putrid, Signalis will bring back memories for players around when the first Playstation was new and those for whom have heard those games spoken about in gamer lore.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the story is necessarily an easy read. The game can be quite cryptic, and first time players might even abandon the game by accident (Tip: When you think the game is over, make sure to begin again). If you’re not careful, it’s possible to miss out on incredibly crucial information the game breadcrumbs out in the form of documents and innuendo.

YouTube reviewer Ruby Seals, already the author of an incredible two-part analysis of the Russian cult classic Pathologic, has released her new video diving into analyzing the game’s themes and drawing her own conclusions. Adding context to symbols and references that may elude the player, she (with disagreement from collaborator SulMatul) offers her perspective as to the meaning of this challenging game, a welcome breath of fresh air for those who miss tank controls and the artistic distinction that limited draw distances and polygon figures afforded.

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