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The massive Immortal Empires campaign arrives for Total War: Warhammer III

There’s a monstrous new game mode out now for Total War: Warhammer III, and it just might be the most ambitious addition yet for the series.


The most refined and largest of the Total War: Warhammer games to date, the third title in the series has been out for some time on PC. If you’ve been following along or playing, then you already know just how much developer Creative Assembly packed into it.

Players have waged war across the Olde World, engaging in some 11,358,771 campaigns, and spending a combined 4,743 years enveloped in its chaotic and magical realm. Yes, that’s a ton, and Sega’s numbers just go to show how big of a hit Total War: Warhammer III has been. But here’s the thing, it’s just gotten even bigger.

This week has seen the arrival of Immortal Empires, a mode that crams just about everything that you could think up pertaining to the game’s universe into one beast of a mode.

Immortal Empires is a grand-scale campaign mode for Total War: WARHAMMER III that combines the Legendary Lords, gameplay mechanics, war units, campaign maps and much more from across the trilogy into one colossal mode spread across the vast Warhammer world. It is the most complete and definitive Warhammer strategy experience ever conceived.

Sega press release

Immortal empires is available to add onto copies of Total War: Warhammer III right now, and is a part of the just-released patch 2.4. The base game is out now as well, and exclusive to the PC.

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