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Futuristic superhero aRPG Superfuse smashes Early Access

An original superhero tale set in a high-tech future, Raw Fury and Stitch Heads’ action RPG Superfuse is ready for action on Steam Early Access.

You will be the one escaping

It’s not often that you see original superhero properties in the realm of video games, but here we are with Superfuse. Of course, the game isn’t exactly your traditional comic book-style adventure either.

Set in the far future, and on an asteroid outpost, Superfuse casts players as an Enforcer. Sounds a little rougher than ‘superhero’, no? Well, judging by the amount of bloodshed going on in this Early Access-launch trailer, that’s probably a safe assumption.

Superfuse is a comic-book infused Action RPG set on the mining asteroid Eros, a far flung outpost in the galaxy after the Earth has been abandoned by mankind, where you take on the role of an Enforcer – humanity’s super-powered protectors. Play as one of three classes – the Berserker, Elementalist, or the Technomancer – in either the single-player campaign or in co-op mode for up to four players, as you attempt to hold back a tide of terrifying, mysterious creatures dubbed “The Corruption”.

Raw Fury press release

With the “action RPG” genre tag attached, it’s also safe to say that there’s more than straight on brawling happening in Superfuse. The game serves up customizable heroes, by way of skill trees, as well as tons of equipment and weaponry to find and unlock across its levels.

Oh, and while the game’s promoted as being story-driven, those levels are procedurally generated. So you probably won’t play the same game twice, on subsequent run-throughs. Also pretty slick is that you don’t have to play alone, as Superfuse offers both solo and online multiplayer.

Right now Superfuse is available exclusively via Steam, and is in Early Access. So if you grab a copy at present, expect to see some changes between now and its full retail release.

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