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Developer Diary #3 explores the enemies of Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

What’s an RPG without a few foes to fight? Well, not much honestly, and so Dev Diary #3 for Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader focuses on just that.

Going Rogue

Rogue Trader is definitely a first for the time-tested Warhammer 40K IP. Mainly that’s due to the fact that it’s a role-playing game, which has not really been seen before attached to the tabletop legend.

A cRPG from the ‘Pathfinder’ team at Owlcat, this one’s looking to have all the bells and whistles. That includes many of the races and troop-types that WH40K players know and love. And yes, it means the bad guys too.

While you’ll find Imperial types and Space Marines, you’ll also be faced with the forces of Chaos. In particular, and for this new look at the game in action, I mean the hulking and daemonic Hellbrute.

Every formidable Rogue Trader needs worthy enemies to fight against. And creating those enemies means Owlcat Games have poured their heart and soul into every little detail. Let them show you how it’s done, using the terrifying Hellbrute as an example!

Owlcat Games press release

As you a see there, the Brute won’t be alone in facing your party, as there are all manner of creatures to battle against. Those include the Necron Skorpekh Lords, which you can catch a brief glimpse at above.

But if you haven’t seen quite enough of Rogue Trader just yet, don’t worry as Owlcat will be delivering more early looks as the game heads towards release.

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