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Spellforce’s spinoff Conquest of Eo arriving next month

Officially dated for February is Spellforce: Conquest of Eo. The strategy title takes the familiar RTS in a while new, and more ‘4x’-like direction.

Now for something kinda different

Yes, this is a pretty different kind of Spellforce experience. For those who’ve played the series before, you’re likely used to what’s been a pretty tried and true real-time strategy experience. But that’s not quite so with Conquest of Eo.

This new spinoff of the mainline series takes things a little deeper. Okay, from the sound of it, it takes things a lot deeper, with a 4x bent. Basically, it looks like you choose your mage, and then get to conquest-ing. that will include all the trimmings, like building armies, taking territories, and exploring a world of high-fantasy.

With over 80 handcrafted battle maps across 15 unique environments, players can assemble their armies from a variety of over 100 units, including dwarven axe wielders, stone golems, orcish shamans, and majestic griffons. Perfect your armies by hiring one of more than 15 heroes and apprentices to lead them. Embark on a plentitude of adventures and master over 700 handwritten quests. As a master of magic, research over 100 different spells in your grimoire and use them strategically in tactical battles that demand consideration of flanking, range, visibility, high ground, and special battle enchantments. Explore the vast world of Eo, a magical realm full of treasures and resources, inhabited by various races such as men, elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins, and monsters. Are you ready to experience the ultimate adventure?

THQ Nordic press release

As mentioned, all of this is right around the corner too. So if you’ve been itching to add a little fantasy to your winter gaming, make sure to mark February 3rd on your calendar. That’s when Spellforce: Conquest of Eo will arrive for the PC.

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