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Teslagrad 2 to join Steam NextFest next month

If you’ve been itching to dive back into the world of Teslagrad, your moment is almost here. Teslagrad 2 is set to offer up a demo next month.

World to the West

Did you know that Teslagrad and World to the West shared the same universe? I completely forgot that little fact, and a character from the later title is set to be a major factor in Teslagrad 2.

The action of Teslagrad 2 picks up right from the ending of World to the West as well, seeing main character Lumina’s airship shot down over dangerous territory. To survive, she’s going to have to further master the art of Teslamancy.

Teslagrad 2 stars Lumina, a hero known to players familiar with Rain’s earlier title World to the West. We last saw her on an airship traveling home, and Teslagrad 2 picks up after she is shot down in an uncharted land. Lumina’s journey will see her harness the forgotten art of Teslamancy: wielding electromagnetic abilities to solve perplexing physics-based puzzles as she explores winding caves and industrial chambers, outwitting the mysterious enemies and traps awaiting her. 

Modus Games press release

As you can see, the game is looking pretty fantastic, with some familiar gameplay and stunning visuals. While it has no official release date just yet (for any platform), it will have a demo hitting very soon.

Just announced as being a part of Steam’s NextFest (the demo onslaught next month), Teslagrad 2 will serve up a playable look at what’s to come. You can look for that to happen when that demo for Rain Games’ newest arrives on February 6th. Just remember though, that NextFest is a limited time event, and will expire on February 13th.

As for that full game, when it finally does arrive it’ll be for more than the PC. Look for on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the Switch.

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