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Meet the next Dead Island 2’s Slayer in today’s “Dani” trailer

The dead are back, and this time LA is their playground. Dead Island 2 will continue the zombified series at last, and do so with a cast of “slayers”.

Not that Slayer

It’s been a while, but Dead Island 2 is right on track now and rolling headlong towards retail release. If you somehow don’t know, the game picks up the story of the original (and spinoff), bringing the zombie outbreak to the US mainland and California.

We’ve seen a few glimpses and teasers so far, and the action looks right on par with the semi-comedic original, including satirical takes on modern life. Also continuing what’s been established already, DI2 will have more than one playable character.

Deep Silver has launched a series of trailer showcasing those heroes, or “slayers” as they’re known. The next up is Dani, a former “retail assistant” with a penchant for tattoos, crazy hair colors, and drawing zombie-blood.

Dani is all about takin’ names, breaking rules, and shooting zombies directly in the face, a worthwhile skill set to have in the dangerous world of HELL-A, to be sure. You don’t want to find yourself on Dani’s bad side, so make sure not to take her abilities for granted.

Deep Silver press release

Along with Dani, players will be able to pick from Carla, Amy, Jacob, and Ryan, as they cleanse LA of the zombie plague, and just try to survive another day. Look for Dead Island 2 to arrive for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC (via Epic) on April 28th, 2023.

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