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Resident Evil Village’s VR mode to accompany PSVR2 launch

Looking to pick up a PSVR2 for your shiny new(ish) PS5? Well you’ll be happy to know you can book your return to Resident Evil Village as well.

Virtual terror

Resident Evil Village has been another smash in the long list of hits for the RE series. The horror title continues the story of mainstay Chris Redfield, and stars Resident Evil 7’s Ethan Winters once again as the hero. It’s also just expanded with Shadows of Rose, a pack that puts a capper on the tale, picking up some 16 years after the story’s close, with Ethan’s daughter Rose.

But there’s even more to come for the Village. While it won’t have specifically ‘new’ content, a new mode will be available for the game, adapting it for the PSVR2 when it launches in 2023. And if you thought it was terrifying already, well just wait till you see what Capcom is planning for the VR edition.

The VR Mode supports the entire campaign and lifts the award-winning experience to new heights. A deeper and more captivating adventure awaits with PlayStation VR2, as Ethan Winters’ journey takes full advantage of the headset’s advanced features. VR Mode utilizes the 4K HDR display, eye tracking, and 3D audio to make Resident Evil Village more realistic and intense than ever. Soak in the village’s richly detailed atmosphere in virtual reality, including the ornate chambers of Castle Dimitrescu, and prepare to feel truly dwarfed by the larger-than-life characters and creatures that lurk within. 

Capcom press release

Aside from the headset’s enhanced tech, players will also get to make good use of those new PSVR2 Sense controllers. Each controller will represent one of Ethan’s hands, with the added ability to hold them up to block enemies, as well as get a better grip on the in-game weaponry. How’s motion-control for wielding a knife, reloading, and dual-wielding sound? Yeah, I thought so.

All of the above is being planned for release alongside the actual PSVR2, which is looking towards a February 22nd, 2023 launch.

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