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The iconic voice of the Dark Knight, actor Kevin Conroy has passed away

We don’t usually report on this kind of news, but this passing is particularly notable. Actor Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman, has died.

Rest easy, good Knight

Today the entertainment world lost a great talent. News of Kevin Conroy’s passing after a bout with cancer has now been confirmed this morning by Warner Bros. He was only 66.

Conroy found the role of a lifetime when, in September of 1992, one of the most influential and iconic interpretations of Batman hit the small screen. Mixing the themes and aesthetic of the Tim Burton movies with the classic DC comic books, Batman: The Animated Series was born.

A watershed moment for DC fans and just those who love superhero stories, Batman had great writing, fantastic imagery and designs, and a top notch voice cast. And it’s as a part of that cast that Conroy, in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman himself, would go on to become the definitive Dark Knight.

Not only instantly recognizable, Conroy’s Batman was the often the first that came to mind for the most ardent fans. He would be the high-water mark, to which a good deal of the fanbase would hold subsequent iterations. And he wasn’t just the voice of the Bat in television, but also went on to portray him in movies, many video games, and even live action.

BrutalGamer extends condolences to Conroy’s surviving family in this difficult time.

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