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PSVR 2 hits pre-order this month, with an eye on an early ’23 launch

If you’re a PS5-owner who’s ready for more virtual reality, your time is almost here. The PSVR 2 is officially heading into pre-order this month.

PS5 required

While Sony has been talking about PSVR 2 for a while, there’s not been all that much in the way of firm details. That includes specs, yes, but also what games are on track for launch, and exactly when that fateful day will be.

Well, now we know pretty much all of that, as Sony has revealed everything that you need to know about the new peripheral. Just remember, while you’re reading through all of the stuff here, you will need a PS5 to use the PSVR 2. While I’m pretty sure everybody knows this at this point, the virtual reality sequel is not compatible with the PS4. Anyway, on the good stuff, as there’s quite a bit of that.

According to Sony’s blog, the new PSVR 2 will include the headset, along with a pair of PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, and a pair of steroids headphones. Hopefully those aren’t as lousy as the ones that were packed-in with the PS4’s headset.

The new headset will be quite a bit different from the older model too. Aside from the general look, which fits in with the PS5 aesthetic, the PSVR 2 will be a little lighter in weight, and include a new air vent, so your face won’t get quite so hot.

Boxed launch editions will include a base unit for $449.99 USD, and also a version packed in with Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Yes, that’s a Horizon Zero Dawn title, and will raise the price of the set to $499.99. On top of that, there’ll also be a charging station for the controllers, which will set you back $49.99. That’s not too awful.

Sony is looking to have a total of 20 titles out at launch, with pre-orders kicking off for all of them this month. Speaking of, November 15th will also see the pre-order phase begin for the headset and bundle. Both will be available exclusively via Sony’s online shop though. So no GameStop or Best Buy this time. At least, not yet.

Sony also has hinted this the “launch phase” for the PSVR 2 will be just that, a phase. And so I’d imagine you’ll likely be able to find the unit at other shops some time thereafter. Just to reiterate though, if you want one at launch, it’s the Sony Store for you.

That, by the way, will be this coming February the 22nd, in select markets. And you can pre-register for that pre-order here.

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