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Nioh 2, LEGO Harry Potter and more arrive for PS Plus subscribers this month

PS Plus subscribers have a great month ahead with some solid titles. Nioh 2, LEGO Harry Potter, and Heavenly Bodies all hit for the service.

Still kicking

While PlayStation’s new subscription tiers might be a little controversial, one thing definitely isn’t; PS+ still serves up some solid freebies. Take this month for example, with a good mix of big names and an indie tossed in.

True, none of the three titles listed are all that new. LEGO Harry Potter Collection is the eldest among them, having seen release in 2016. But heck, even Heavenly Bodies is almost a year old. Even so though, there’s no denying all three of the new arrivals are pretty good games.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection | PS4

As should be obvious, LEGO Harry Potter Collection brings together both volumes of the LEGO-ized Potter games. If you’re a bit Harry Potter fan, there’s little to dislike about seeing all 7 movies play out in LEGO form. Well, unless you’re burned out on the aesthetic that is.

Nioh 2/Nioh 2 Remastered | PS4/PS5

The above video showcases the sword-slashing sequel, Nioh 2 on the PS4, but as you can see from the subheading above, this one’s dependent on which current PlayStation console you have. If you have a PS4, then you’re getting the original release, and if you have a PS5, you’re in for the Remaster. Either way though, Nioh 2 should be a good (if tough) time.

Heavenly Bodies | PS4, PS5

You might not be all that familiar with Heavenly Bodies, I know I wasn’t. But from the looks of it, this unique puzzle game might be just the ticket for players looking for something different. It’s available now for both PS4 and PS5.

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