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Trailer: Load up for the bug-pocalypse with Apogee and Hellfire Studios’ Exocide

A combo-centric FPS? Apogee and Hellfire Studios have a brand title on tap for 2023 called Exocide, and it’ll take stunts and gunplay to win.

We are, the Exo… cide

Wield up to four (yes, 4!) firearms at once as humanity’s last hope—the enigmatic Handler-128—and his excitable, colorful A.I. partner, G.E.N.N.I. Every bullet counts in mankind’s last stand against an army of genetically modified insects. These once-loyal superbugs, faced with global food shortages, have now pledged allegiance to their survival, not their creators. But even as swarms of super-powered spiders and drones bear down on the last human stronghold, who says you can’t slay with style?

String together brutal, cool-as-hell combos in lightning-fast, score-based gunplay. Strike from the air with the trusty Power Axe to stagger foes for follow-ups, nail back-to-back headshots with precision rifles, and jettison from ramps in the environment to keep your killer combo running. Build speed with Handler-128’s jet boots and rack up style points by wall-riding between quarter pipes, grinding handrails, or charge-dashing into the fray. Enter a flow state and create a glorious symphony of destruction to run up the scoreboard.

Apogee Entertainment press release

Exocide is coming to Xbox and PlayStation platforms, plus the Switch and PC some time in 2023.

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