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Classic tabletop wargame Heroscape returns with HasLab campaign

Remember Heroscape? The formerly popular tabletop war-game is making its way back to dining rooms everywhere thanks to Hasbro’s HasLab.

Crowdfunded war

When HasLab first got into tabletop gaming, it came by way of publisher Avalon Hill and the legendary HeroQuest. A classic among classics, tabletop board game HeroQuest has exploded post-campaign, adding a retail edition, and plenty of expansions. Now both HasLab and Avalon Hill are back once again, and with another tabletop favorite.

Heroscape might not be the name that HeroQuest is, but the war-game was a force unto itself back in the 2K’s. And while it’s been out of print for years at this point, you could have a hand in bringing it back.

Heroscape: Age of Annihilation, Vanguard Edition is the official name of the title, and it’s up on HasLab right now for backing. It’s also packed with goodies, sporting some 71 miniatures spread out across 5 playable factions, 50 playing cards, and an expandable game board with 74 base pieces, 68 wall terrain pieces, and 9 jungle terrain pieces. Oh and did I mention you can build vertically too? Well, you can.

Here it is in action:

You are back on the remote planet of Valhalla, a once peaceful world now torn apart by evil. Dynastic rulers known as Valkyrie are fighting to control the wellsprings, mystical fountains that bestow mighty powers – but can also bring on the curse of frightening visions of total destruction.  Esoteric warriors from across time and space battle for power and glory. Will they save their world, or face utter annihilation?

HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION transports you to the next era of the popular expandable miniature wargaming system.  It includes stunningly detailed miniatures that allow you to create your own rich world. Using modular tiles, you build sprawling battlefields on which to play out battles between powerful and unconventional factions pulled not only from Earth but also from other planets across the galaxy.

Hasbro press release

Ready to back? You can find Heroscape: Age of Annihilation, Vanguard Edition right here on HasLab. It’s got 40 days left in its campaign as of this writing, and has a price attached of $249.99 USD with a ship date of Fall 2023.

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