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Dwarf’s Adventure quests onto Steam this December

A rollicking old school, tabletop-inspired adventure is coming to Steam to round out the year, with Dwarf’s Adventure. Time to sharpen that axe.


If you’re any kind of RPG or tabletop fan, then the name “HeroQuest” should being up quite a few fond memories. Actually, those might be pretty recent memories too, thanks to the reissued game and its expansions. But either way, the fact remains that it’s an awesomely fun title.

Dwarf’s Adventure isn’t another adaptation of that game to the video game format. Instead it’s noted as having “strong Heroquest vibes”, which is plenty enticing on its own. Though there’s a lot more to this game than just some nostalgia.

With Dwarf’s Adventure, developer and publisher EskemaGames has crafted a classily-styled (though isometric) dungeon crawl. The rules sound simple enough, with typical role-playing elements, and a promised battle through its levels to reach the exit.

But Dwarf’s Adventure doesn’t just allow dungeon exploration. It also allows players to make their own dungeons, and share them with the world.

Dwarf’s Adventure is a dungeon-creation and exploration game from the past, with strong Heroquest vibes. Explore the levels or create your own to share with others. Move tile by tile, making decisions at each corner.

Finding the dungeon’s exit while completing the suggested tasks is your main objective as you survive and manage your resources. To stay alive, you must collect loot, fight monsters, and escape traps…

EskemaGames press release

Early Access, with more to come

Yes, Dwarf’s Adventure is coming to Early Access first. And yes, there’s a lot more to come for this game after its EA debut. That’ll be this December the 2nd, though EskemaGames says the full edition won’t be ready for about another 9 months. Still, there’s quite a bit to get excited about now.

According to the press release, Dwarf’s Adventure is being made with the 90s in mind. And that means both in function and aesthetic. The game will actually sport two different visual modes, with a more modern look, and a “PS1 style” retro-graphics option as well.

The Early Access edition will come stocked with the level editor, a full soundtrack, and the ability to upload your created maps. As for what’s coming with the eventual full edition, players can look forward to “more levels, new tilesets, and other monsters”.

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