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3D Realms’ stylish retro-shooter Cultic coming home next month

The cult is calling. From legendary FPS publisher 3D Realms and Jasozz Games comes Cultic, a throwback shooter in all the right ways.

The Cult is coming

If you missed the demo for 3D Realms’ Cultic, then you missed an easy chance to play what might be the closest thing to the classic FPS Blood in decades. And if you loved the dark, twisted visuals and gore-soaked gameplay of that classic, I think it’s safe to say you have a good chance of digging this little horror-fest too.

Cultic sets players on a vengeance-fueled quest, as a PI out to solve an old case. Of course, once said detective makes his way to the hideout of a vile and dangerous cult linked to the crime, it just might be too late…

Investigate an unsolved mystery with ties to a treacherous cult as a disgraced detective who awakens in an unmarked mass grave. Fight with powerful mid-century weapons like the C96 or STEN MK. V while unleashing deadly traps, epic explosives and other impressive tools of the trade. Avoid the zealots’ reach by dashing into foes, sliding toward safety, and using the environment during pulse-pounding shootouts.

3D Realms press release

Cultic finally has a release date, and is looking towards an October 13th launch for the PC. That of course plunks it down right in the heart of Halloween season, perfect for a little cult-smashing.

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