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Homeworld: Fleet Command brings the strategy classic to the tabletop

Board gaming is about to head to the stars, as Modiphius Entertainment’s Homeworld: Fleet Command is adapting the classic PC game to the tabletop.

Commanding the table

Now this looks pretty slick. Modiphius Entertainment, who you might know from other tabletop titles, is set to deliver a game based on the Homeworld license. And from the preview imagery, it’s looking great so far.

Homeworld: Fleet Command promises “fast-paced” battles set in the universe from the games, for 1 to 4 players. Yes, you can actually play this one solo, which is always welcome. Sometimes it’s not that easy to organize a game night, you know.

The title is being brought to life by designer Nick Fallon and Chris Birch, who’s actually the CEO of Modiphius. According to the press release, the game will use the “mechanics” of Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame, another of Fallon’s titles. So if you have played that, you might find yourself well at home here.

“Modiphius’s initial pitch was simple and compelling – massive fleet battles that can be played in an hour, all themed around Homeworld,” said Sean Haran, Chief Business Officer of Gearbox Entertainment. “The entire team’s love and enthusiasm for the franchise and this game was contagious so the decision was easy to work with Modiphius on it.  We are proud and excited to announce Homeworld Fleet Command to the world and look forward to revealing more in the coming months.”

Sean Haran, Chief Business Officer of Gearbox Entertainment

Funding begins soon

That’s right, Modiphius will be taking a crowd-funded approach to Homeworld: Fleet Command. So instead of finding it at retail (at least, at first), you’ll have to back the title on one of the funding engines out there. We don’t know which one just yet, but the campaign isn’t quite ready as of this writing.

Modiphius will be launching it some time this year though. So as we head into the last of quarter 3, you can probably expect an announcement sooner than later. The company promises that backers will be able to get in on the base game, plus an expansion with new ships and lots more.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect when it goes live:

  • A 10-part campaign that will take players from the first fighter skirmish to epic battles such as Return to Kharak, Supernova Station, and Tenhauser Gate.
  • Step-by-step scenarios that make it easy to jump right into the shoes of an Admiral and gradually learn the core game mechanics as the size of your fleet increases.
  • 101 plastic ships in the base game including the iconic Mothership, 48 fighters, 24 Corvettes, 24 Frigates, 2 Carriers, and 2 Destroyers and 1 mothership. The expansion adds another 100 ships to grow your fleet.
  • Solo rules that let one person play either side against a determined opponent or up to four players can share the command.
  • Multiple copies of the game can even be combined to create epic fleet battles!

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