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The creator of Dead Cells is bringing the heat to consoles in 2023 with Nuclear Blaze

Red Art Games is known for its hit action title Dead Cells, but the company is set to bring something even hotter to consoles with Nuclear Blaze.

He’s gone nuclear!

Think back, and tell me how many games based on firefighters you can think of. Not many, right? And of those, how many have been smash hits? Even less, is the likely answer, but that might be about to change.

That’s because the creator of the procedurally-generated smash that is Dead Cells is back. And yes, this time the company is heading in an even hotter direction, like ‘nuclear’ hot.

From Sébastien Bénard comes Nuclear Blaze, a side-scrolling strategy/action title that stars a firefighter who’s been dropped into a raging inferno. Fighting said conflagration is the primary mission of course, but then there’s also a cause to be sussed out.

A huge fire is raging and you are sent on the spot to stop it. Business as usual for a highly-trained and experienced firefighter such as yourself. Air dropped right in the middle of this blazing inferno, your main mission objectives are to contain the fire, investigate its causes and look for survivors.  

The unexpected discovery of a secret military facility is quickly going to send a monkey wrench in your plans. Unravel the truth behind the existence of Site 16 and A-█████. Access to that information may require authorization clearance ████ and ██ though…

Red Art Games press release

While the title is already out on the PC, it’s on the way to consoles for 2023, and from said Dead Cells developer. The game is on the way for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and all of the PC version’s content will be included on day one.

If you’re at Gamescom too, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the title. Look for it in Hall 3.2, at Booth B-052 (that reminds me of a song). And if you’re not at the ‘Com, then get ready for a wait, though not that long of one.

Nuclear Blaze is set to arrive on consoles in “early” 2023.

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