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Factory Entertainment’s next Masters of the Universe replica shipping next month

Expanding its stable of Masters of the Universe collectibles is Factory Entertainment, with the legendary Diamond Ray of Disappearance.


One of the hottest legacy properties right now, Masters of the Universe is back in a massive way. MOTU is rolling with several new toy lines and cartoon series’, plus a possible movie on the way.

Factory Entertainment has been right on top f that rebirth, and produced a few key pieces of Masters lore as replicas. The latest addition to the line follows along with that trend, and is a bit of a fan-favorite.

None other than The Diamond Ray of Disappearance is on the way from the company. And as you can see here, Factory has pulled out all the stops for it.

The box was first sculpted as a 3D model. Taking inspiration from ancient ossuary boxes, fine details where then added by hand to give the appearance of age and wear. It features mystical engraved script and is cast from polsystone.

The stone itself is supported on an industrial-looking cradle that houses an LED lighting effect. This effect is triggered by a hidden sensor when the box is opened, lighting the diamond from beneath.

A round-cut diamond shape was chosen to maximize the sparkle when the LED light shines through its many facets. The stone is high pressure cast in acrylic.

Factory Entertainment press release

The Diamond Ray of Disappearance is priced in at $224.99 USD, and is scheduled to ship in July. Yep, next month.

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