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Trailer: Update 1.18 of Day Z is out now, brings new weapons and event

Zombies best beware the latest Day Z update. The new downloadable is live right now, and adds in some new hardware, as well as a fresh event.

How ’bout a grenade to the face

Great news for DayZ fans on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The popular zombie survival game just released major update 1.18, which focuses on explosives and expands the game’s ever-growing arsenal of weapons. The update also offers a new dynamic event – this time in the form of train wrecks – which can lead to unexpected encounters on railroads located all around the map. Finally, the update includes the compact Derringer, as well as sawed-off variants for the Blaze rifle and community favourite Revolver.

Bohemia Interactive press release

Update 1.18 is live right now for all versions of Day Z. You can find the base game on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC.

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